5 reasons to choose a laptop as a gaming platform – 08/30/2022


Gaming laptops have stood out as an option that combines high performance, versatility, portability and price range, meeting the needs of different gamer profiles. But the benefits of having a notebook as gaming platform don’t stop there. To make life easier for those who are still looking for the right arguments to invest in a machine made for gamers, Samuel Rodegheri, director of computer and consumer business at Positivo Tecnologia and responsible for 2 AMlisted some of these benefits.

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1. Portability with high performance

A frequent desire among gamers is to be able to take their gameplay anywhere. This is evident when you see how popular smartphones are among gamers. However, the portability experience with large screen, advanced graphics, high sound quality and more robust games is only possible with a gaming notebook. “Gaming laptops bring together the best of both worlds: mobility and performance. No other platform offers the player such a good balance between these two characteristics”, explains Samuel.

2. Customization and price range

While consoles deliver a “closed package” of configurations and prices, notebooks allow the user to choose options that best suit their style and pocket. In addition, over the years, if the player needs to evolve the hardware to play games that demand more from the computer, he can invest in components without having to change the entire system.

“Notebooks give gamers an attribute that almost no other gaming platform has, which is the ability to customize the hardware as needed. In addition, if a person needs a machine to run a simple game, they don’t need to spend the same as the gamer who likes a much heavier title”, emphasizes the expert.

3. Variety of games

As a very open platform for developers, the PC has a variety of games available, from the most famous AAA to the less popular independents. There are so many options that the user can find promotions and free titles of different genres and styles. “In addition to a library that leaves players without knowing where to start, the notebook usually has cheaper games than other platforms. Even when comparing versions of the same game. Another highlight is the competitive titles, as this is the most popular platform for eSports”, points out Samuel.

4. Powerful graphics and sounds

With powerful graphics cards and advanced sound systems, gaming laptops extend the immersion in games and can leave gamers facing the best versions of games, with settings pushed to the limit. “The graphics and sound power of PCs takes the user experience to another level, especially when we add portability to that. If before it was difficult to imagine a scenario like these, with gaming notebooks this has become reality”, concludes Samuel.

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