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Business opportunity for radio stations that operate in digital. Consumption of online stations already reaches 7.4 million people in 13 Brazilian regions


Accessible to the radio, the volume of investment in digital ads presented a considerable advance in the first half of 2022. According to the Digital AdSpend Brasil study, conducted by IAB Brasil and Kantar IBOPE Media, there was a 12% growth compared to the same period in 2021. And the trend for the second half of this year is also up, considering the traditional retail commemorative dates. Radio participates in this cake, through initiatives on digital platforms.

The study released by IAB Brasil indicated that the commerce (25%), services (24%), media (7%), electronics (7%) and financial (6%) segments are the five that most invested, representing 68 % of all investment in digital advertising in the 1st half of this year, totaling R$ 14.7 billion for this type of investment.

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The IAB Brasil also points out that more than half of the total investment in digital advertising in the first half of this year went to social media platforms (52%), that is, a good part of the resources are concentrated in this type of planning that involves the networks . Search (29%) and publishers and verticals (18%) appear next.

As for digital advertising formats, 36% of investments were directed to images (static and animated formats such as banner ads, posts, gifs, etc.), 35% to videos and 29% to search (search sites).

Collaborating with the optimistic forecast for this type of advertising investment for the entire year of 2022, the statement issued by IAB Brasil about the study indicates that 81% of the agencies and advertisers questioned indicated that investments should increase in this period, while 10% should decrease. their investments and 8% intend to maintain the same values.

“If we analyze investments in digital advertising in the last two years, it is observed that the second half concentrates a greater share of annual investment, driven by significant dates for retail such as Black Friday and Christmas, even more this year with the World Cup ”, points out Cris Camargo, CEO of IAB Brasil.

How does radio participate in this slice?

Digital advertising is advertising displayed through any platform accessible by smartphones, computers, tablets, smart-speakers, among other devices. They are in social networks, internet portals, streaming audio, audio on demand, video on demand, live online video, advertisements, among others. Through their applications, web portals, podcasts and audio streaming, radio stations participate in this advertising sector. Whether via direct and programmatic sales.

There is an expectation of expanding the demand for digital audio advertising, since the consumption of this media format is showing constant evolution. The radio itself is already an important agent in this scenario: according to the latest Inside Radio 2022, by Kantar IBOPE Media, the consumption of online stations already reaches 7.4 million people in 13 Brazilian regionswith an 85% increase in this volume of consumption between 2019 and 2022.

Sector rankings

The Digital AdSpend 2022 also reveals the three sectors that concentrated more than half of the budget in digital advertising in the 1st half of this year: commerce (25% of total investments), services (24%) and media (7%). And in the top 5, in addition to the sectors already mentioned, electronics (7%) and financial (6%) complete – the latter, which in the first half of 2021 was in third place, still remains among the top five in the ranking. And together, the five sectors represent 68% of digital investments in the period.

The complete Digital AdSpend Brasil study, for the first half of 2022, can be accessed here.

Reporter: Tudorá, with information IAB Brasil

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