Access to the Moisés Bertoni Museum will be paved in Paraguay

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The process involved consultations with the indigenous communities surrounding the attraction, located in Presidente Franco.

Soon, arriving by land to the Moisés Bertoni Museum, in Presidente Franco, Paraguay, will become easier. This week, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) concluded the process of consulting the indigenous communities living in the surroundings, regarding the paving of the road that leads to the attraction.

The result was positive, with the paving of the dirt road to be part of Lot 2 of the Corredor Metropolitano del Este (CMDE), a ring road designed to facilitate circulation between cities on the Paraguayan side of the border and allow simplified access to the Ponte da Brazil-Paraguay Integration, in the final stage of construction.

The paving of the road, according to the newspaper La Clave, will be carried out by the Mediterráneo Consortium, which is already carrying out connection works between the municipalities of Presidente Franco and Los Cedrales. The distance of the new stretch is 15 kilometers, passing through the Guarani villages of Joyvy Miri Poty, 8 de Diciembre, Puerto Giménez and Puerto Bertoni.

Historically, the most common route used by tourists to visit the attraction is with boat trips on the Paraná River, departing from Foz do Iguaçu.

Born in Switzerland in 1857, Moisés Bertoni was one of the most prestigious men in science of his time, carrying out studies in varied areas such as botany, agriculture, meteorology and sociology. He arrived in the region in 1884, settling in Paraguay in 1891. He died in Foz do Iguaçu, aged 72, in 1929.

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