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Miguel Albuquerque arrived in Porto Santo at 9 pm and congratulated the organization because the Expo “is very well done” thanks to the 122 stands that are present at the event – ​​85% of which are from the island of Porto Santo.

“The fair was resumed after a few years. We made an agreement with the association [AICTPS]in the sense of relaunching this event, and I think it is an event that has all the appropriateness, especially projecting companies, entrepreneurs and attractions in Porto Santo”, said the president of the Regional Government in statements to TSF and PRAIA radios.

The regional executive leader noted that “the pavilions are very well organized, full of people” and in an “attractive and lively” environment, so his idea is, “if possible, to keep the event, every year, on this date”. , because there are still a lot of people in Porto Santo”, he said.

Albuquerque also spoke about the tourist prospects of the island, which in recent times has improved thanks to the number of flights. “There is a better expectation for the winter, of some break in seasonality, and our expectation is to maintain the break in the low season and resume the high season earlier, from May. This is the expectation we have in tourism”.

As for hotels, the sign is equally positive. “The Pestana group’s operation will continue throughout the year, as will the Ferpinta group’s operation, which remains, and I think we have a great possibility at this time to deepen and, above all, explore golf. The idea is to be able to carry out an operation as we are doing, by complementing the operation in Denmark with a package that extends to Madeira, which would be great for Porto Santo”.

This summer was exceptional. There was a great effort from Porto-Santense entrepreneurs in creating activities that complement the beach itself, such as diving or boat trips. Restoration has also improved a lot, commerce itself has improved, and expectations are positive. The idea is to maintain the attractiveness.
Miguel Albuquerque

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