Angelica and Huck pose with their children on vacation in Norway


Angélica and Luciano Huck enchant by publishing family travel record

the presenter Angelica surprised followers by opening a family album to share several moments of adventure with the children, on a vacation trip to Norway. The famous has been married for 18 years to the also presenter Luciano Huck. Together they are the proud parents of three children. The firstborn, Joaquim, is 17 years old. The middle son Benício, who is 14 years old. The youngest of the family, Eva, is nine years old.

The girl is even gaining prominence by showing interest in her artistic career. The little girl just launched herself as a model and even did a beautiful photo shoot for a children’s clothing brand.

Angelica and Huck enjoyed their July vacation and embarked on a delightful family vacation together. The presenter made a point of documenting several records of the many walks she took with her husband and heirs.

On one of these tours, the famous appeared accompanied by her youngest daughter on a luxurious boat ride. On the occasion, it was with the little girl that she made a beautiful sequence of photos next to her mother. The two emerged huddled together in the twilight light. There was no lack of love in the images, with the two holding hands and exchanging many kisses.

In another record, an adventure that was not left out was the trip the family took through the frozen region of Norway. Angelica took advantage of Thursday, well known on the internet for her “tbts”, and published a souvenir of the trip.

In the images shared by the presenter, on social networks, the famous appears alongside her children and husband in many moments of pure fun. Among the tours, it is possible to see the artist hiking in the mountains alongside her heirs, having a party by jumping on a zipline in the company of her youngest daughter and venturing into a boat adventure through the icy sea of ​​the Scandinavian country.

In the caption of the publication, the presenter made a point of extolling the incredible days she spent with her family. “Special vacation days… adventure and love,” she wrote, adding heart emojis and hashtags: family, Norway and gratitude.

The fans of the famous did not let it go blank and took the opportunity to send several affectionate comments. “Holidays are everything,” said one fan. Another netizen wished: “How beautiful! Cheers to all.” And yet a third follower declared: “What beautiful places”.

Angélica and Luciano Huck appear on a vacation trip with their three children in Norway

Instagram reproduction Angelica appears with her children and her husband, Luciano Huck, on a vacation trip to Norway

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