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Did Solidigm announce Solidigm? P41 Plus, its first solid state storage (SSD) drive since becoming a company in December 2021. The P41 Plus is an innovative PCIe 4.0 product that offers the industry’s best combination of performance and cost for PC users. in the use of productivity applications and games on a daily basis.

With a sequential read speed of up to 4,125 MB/s, the Solidigm P41 Plus represents a breakthrough in cost efficiency, offering outstanding PCIe 4.0 performance at a price that fits the budget of everyday PC users.

Solidigm P41 Plus has 144 3D NAND layers and is available in M.2 2280 form factor, in capacities of 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. For greater design flexibility, Solidigm P41 Plus is also available to OEMs in sizes 2230 and 2242, in online and retail channels.

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In a move that reinforces its commitment to being a new paradigm in solid-state storage, Solidigm has invested significantly in storage software to provide the best possible user experience. The result is Solidigm Synergy™ software, an optional but highly recommended package that includes a storage driver and a Windows application with robust drive health monitoring tools. The Solidigm Storage Driver supports host-managed caching by monitoring usage patterns to identify high-priority data, keeping the most important items in the cache, and enabling faster reads as the drive stores more data. Solidigm Synergy software can be downloaded free of charge from

“Whether playing the latest PC games, running a business or editing family photos, the Solidigm P41 Plus delivers performance that matters to end users while delivering incredible value,” said Sanjay Talreja, General Manager of the group of products and solutions for customers. “Powered by innovative software, the Solidigm P41 Plus delivers an exceptional combination of price and performance, plus a software-enhanced user experience, which makes our value proposition unique.”

The first product under the Solidigm™ brand, the P41 Plus underscores the company’s commitment to offering an industry-leading portfolio of storage solutions, including high-performance SSDs for the customer, cloud and data center markets. Visit for more information.


Solidigm is participating in the Flash Memory Summit, August 2-4, in Santa Clara, California. Our innovative solutions will be presented at booth 509. Webinars on P41 will be held according to this agenda:

North America: Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 10:30 am (US West Coast Time). Details Europe: Wednesday 24th August 2022 at 4pm (British Summer Time). Details


Solidigm is a leading global provider of innovative NAND flash memory solutions. Solidigm’s technology unlocks the limitless potential of data for customers to drive human advancement. Our origins reflect Intel’s long-standing innovation in memory products and SK hynix’s international scale and leadership in the semiconductor industry. Solidigm became an autonomous US subsidiary under SK hynix in December 2021. Based in San José, California, Solidigm is driven by the ingenuity of more than 2,000 employees at 20 locations in different countries. For additional information, visit and follow the company on Twitter at @Solidigm and on LinkedIn.

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