Check that the packaging has the electronic tax seal that guarantees its good origin


The population of Goiás already has the possibility to check the origin and quality of mineral water. With the Electronic Fiscal Seal, which in Goiás is also called the Mineral Integrity Seal – SIM, it is possible to identify the source of the water and other information to ensure greater tranquility and safety for people. Disposable packaging, with a capacity of up to 4.9 liters, is marked with a tax number printed on the bottles (except disposable cups) and bottles from 5 to 20 liters have a printed tax stamp. Thus, it is possible to make the visual identification through the Data Matrix code printed on the packaging. In addition, it will ensure that the Companies comply with legal requirements, thus avoiding adulterated, clandestine products with no good origin.

Like the INMETRO seal that certifies the quality and safety of toys, the Mineral Integrity Seal – YES, for disposable containers, is the guarantee of good origin and quality in the consumption of our water, thus reducing the water transmission of diseases such as Hepatitis A, Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, among others.

The seal also represents sustainability.

The Mineral Integrity Seal – SIM also brings substantial gains to the population, which will contribute greatly to the current worldwide demand for environmental protection and is a fundamental tool for the Government to comply with the guidelines of the legislation that deals with the Reverse Logistics of the National Policy of Solid Waste, with great benefits for nature.

Electronic Fiscal Seal or Mineral Integrity Seal – Guarantee of origin and quality in water consumption by families.

Identifying the SIM on mineral water packages:

Data Matrix code printed on packages of up to 4.9 liters (except for cups)

Tax Seal on 5 to 20 liter bottles.

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