“Confidence” against CMF’s bet on “computer games and cryptocurrency technology”


Confiança voted today against the lightning approval of a project that, it says, “aims to spend almost €5M on computer games and cryptocurrency technology and whose role of the CMF and benefit for the people of Funchal presents unclear contours”. For this project, allegedly financed by the PRR, the CMF executive proposed a budget review for the inclusion of these expenses and a protocol for the handover as the headquarters of the space of the former Slaughterhouse, currently in the rehabilitation process launched by Confiança.

“Confança considers it an outrage to the people of Funchal that the current president, after promising municipal social housing within the scope of the PRR, gives priority to spending public resources on the development of virtual systems, without explaining the true goals and the real benefits to come for the people of Funchal” mentioned the councilor Cláudia Dias Ferreira, who highlights, on the other hand, “the authoritarian way in which, once again, the PSD/CDS coalition despises transparency with the approval of this project that absorbs important resources, refusing any democratic debate or public discussion of the same”.

At today’s council meeting, the proposals that, “in a distorted way, constitute damage to the people of Funchal, were voted against by the Confiança team, namely the illegalities in the contest for the Recovery and Expansion of the Funchal WWTP, as well as the attempt to guarantee with opinions of the Regional Government the destruction of the Estrada Monumental cycle path, currently under investigation by the European Commission”.

With Confiança’s favorable votes, the public tender for the Provision of Services for the Management of Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Systems was approved, in the manner in which it had been implemented by the previous council and confirming that, contrary to what was mentioned by the current president, the policy followed by the previous executive was the correct one[1]. The PSD/CDS coalition admitted that the problems observed in the quality of bathing water, with the most recent ban on Gavinas beach, do not originate from the proper functioning of the municipality’s pumping stations, in contradiction with what was previously mentioned by the current Mayor, emphasize the socialists.

The Confiança Team also received support for the initiative to promote the rehabilitation and reuse of vacant properties in Funchal and the attribution of Medals for Attendance and Good Services to municipal employees working for 15, 25 and 35 years.

At the usual public meeting at the end of the month, where citizens have the opportunity to expose their problems, it was once again found that all those registered maintain complaints related to situations of delays in urban planning processes and the noise problem in the Old Town whose solution promised late in showing up.

[1] [1] https://dre.tretas.org/dre/4142329/anuncio-de-procedimento-6207-2020-de-15-de-junho

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