The director of Procon São Carlos, André Di Salvo, participated last week, August 18th and 19th, in Brasília, in the XX Congress of the National Association of the Public Ministry of the Consumer, held at the headquarters of the Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories .

The Congress of the National Association of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPCon) had as its theme “Consumer Defense and the New Normal”, debating the reflexes of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer relations, technological innovations, changes in milestones of the Consumer Defense Code, the Marco Civil da Internet Law and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

MPCon is a national civil association, non-profit and party affiliation, with permanent headquarters in the city of Brasília, having a scientific, technical and pedagogical character, bringing together Prosecutors of Justice and Prosecutors of Justice and the Republic with action in the defense of the consumer. from all regions of Brazil.

The National Consumer Secretary, Rodrigo Roca, cited the performance of Procon São Carlos, which earlier this month carried out an inspection to curb the sale of electronic cigarettes, vaper, pod, e-cigarettes, e-ciggy, ecigar, liquid essences and others. accessories, when 1,272 items were seized.

According to André Di Salvo, it was an important meeting with the participation of 150 Procons from Brazil. “Very good for the improvement and knowledge to be applied in practice in consumer protection and neuroscience; protection of personal data; regulatory agencies; over-indebtedness and payroll loans; air Transport; and resisted pretension”.

As for the notifications regarding the inspection of electronic cigarettes, the director reaffirms that the Consumer Defense Code was the legal basis, which defines as unfit for consumption products that are harmful to life or health, dangerous or even in disagreement with regulatory manufacturing standards. , distribution. “In the countryside, the biggest apprehension occurred in São Carlos”, revealed the director.

The new president of MPCon is the prosecutor, Luiz Eduardo Lemos de Almeida, who was sworn in during the event.

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