Entertainment and media sector in the country is expected to grow 4.7% by 2025 – 01/09/2022


In recent years, the transformation of consumption habits of Brazilians in the field of digital entertainment, combined with the growth of internet access in remote areashas been reflected in the main specialized market projections involving the country.

According to 22nd Global Entertainment and Media Survey 2021-2025produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a network of independent firms and one of the largest consulting and auditing multinationals in the world, the media sector in Brazil is expected to grow 4.7% by the end of 2025. market value, the segment can reach the mark of US$ 38 billion.

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Details of how the search was carried out

An extremely reliable study, the survey sought to analyze 14 media and entertainment habits from 53 nations. The segments verified by PwC were as follows:

  • Digital advertising;
  • TV advertising;
  • Data consumption;
  • Internet access;
  • Games and electronic games;
  • OTT video (on-demand video);
  • Movie theater;
  • Cable TV;
  • Book;
  • Music, radio and podcast;
  • Newspaper and magazine;
  • Virtual reality;
  • B2B;
  • Outdoor media.

It is also worth mentioning that the research took into account the collection of historical data from internationally recognized sources with high credibility. In addition, interviews were conducted with regulators and associations.

Video game market is one of the fastest growing

Projected to grow 12% annually until the end of 2025, the Brazilian digital games market is impressive due to its high potential for expansion. Until then, spending on online games in the country should exceed the barrier of R$ 1.5 billion.

According to PwC, eSports (electronic sports) will be the main drivers of the gamer scenario in Brazil, with a 22% growth forecast – between 2020 and 2025. Today, according to the consulting firm Newzoo, one of the most reliable sources for market statistics of games in the world, the country has the third largest global audience for the modality. It is second only to the powers China and the United States in this regard.

Furthermore, the rise of this market can also be seen in the online casino gaming segment. Not by chance, major gaming platforms online casino Betway, one of the largest in the world in this sector, are increasingly active in the Brazilian sector, both in the constant offer of new games for the public and in the personalized support with users.

Path of no return: more digital consumption and greater internet access

Among the main trends analyzed along with the buying habit of Brazilians is the increase in the volume of sales of content for reading on digital platforms. In this case, online magazines are expected to grow the most among the public in the coming years: from 8% to 13%.

The increase in consumption of digital music on platforms like Spotify also impresses. According to PwC, streaming will represent 72% of consumer spending on music in the country, against just 17% at the box office.

It is also important to mention that the forecast for 2025 is that 41 million Brazilian homes will have fixed internet. Furthermore, the expectation is to have 163 million Brazilians who subscribe to mobile internet and have access to the 5G network in many centers, from North to South.

How 5G can impact the entertainment and media market

Fifth generation of mobile networks, 5G is 100 times faster than 4G. In addition, its latency level is close to zero, which eliminates once and for all bottlenecks in online transmissions, for example.

With the 5G signal available in some regions in Brazil, the fact is that the fifth generation of mobile networks is positioned to lead the world towards new ways of consuming entertainment.

So, whether buying a virtual ticket to watch a Brazilian Championship match through a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, or purchasing a hologram of your favorite artist to watch a show with friends, in comfort from home, the options are virtually limitless for the future.

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