Environmental leader disappears when leaving on a boat to take couples for a ride at the Billings Dam, in SP – Metro World News Brasil


the environmental leader Adolfo Souza Duarteknown as Rust, has been missing since last Monday (1st). He was last seen after leaving on a boat to take two couples for a ride on the Billings Dam, South Zone of São Paulo. The Fire Department is searching the area.

According to the incident report, Adolfo left around 7:30 pm on Monday from the region known as Cantinho do Céu. In addition to coordinating an NGO, he works by taking tours of the dam and was hired by two couples.

In a statement to the police, one of the passengers said that shortly after the tour began, the boat jerked and one of the young women fell into the water. Rust then dove in to rescue her. The girl was saved by the other occupants of the vessel, but the environmental leader was not found.

So the passengers drove the boat back to the starting point. They said that, when they arrived, they were attacked by people when they told about Ferrugem’s disappearance.

The case was registered by the Civil Police as a missing person, therefore, it is a non-criminal incident report. Firefighters are searching for the environmental leader, but as of Wednesday morning (3) he remained missing.

Adolfo has a degree in history and works in defense of the environment. His wife, Uiara Duarte, is at the dam and is following the search for her husband. She said that he made the last contact via WhatsApp at 7:41 pm last Monday and then did not respond to messages sent.


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