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The Gol 94 was the last year/model for VW’s compact hatch in the BX generation, as in the following year, the AB9 started the transition, although it was not complete.

The Volkswagen compact had several versions in the new generation, however, the Gol 1000 remained attached to the old bodywork of the model 94, as well as the CHT engine remained in the Gol for a few more years, within the Autolatina.

The arrival at the end of the generation brought to the Gol a larger body, more modern and aerodynamic lines, as well as better internal space and the possibility of having rear doors.

The luggage compartment was also another gain of the new generation, as well as the preparation for more recent technologies, such as airbags and ABS brakes.

Even so, the old architecture of engine and transmission in longitudinal of the BX, so, the Gol 94 was the last to have the entire square range, going back 14 years.

Goal 94 – details

Called the square Gol, the Gol 94 also had several versions, ranging from the Gol 1000 to the Gol GTI, passing through the late Gol GTS.

Offered with two engine families, the Gol 94 came to have three engine options for a single version, as well as two 1.6 liter versions in this same version, the CL.

The Gol at that time was composed of the Gol 1000 and CL 1.6, both with a Ford AE (CHT) engine, whose origin is Renault’s Cléon-Fonte.

The CL, GL, GTS and GTI versions used Volkswagen’s AP, which was the EA827 with a long connecting rod, and the variant of this in a transverse position, called EA113.

The Gol 94 was offered in the Gol 1000, Gol CL 1.6 (AE), Gol CL 1.6, CL 1.8, GL 1.8, GTS 1.8 and GTI 2.0 versions, with the special Copa 1.6 series.

With the old 1980 bodywork, the Gol 94 had nowhere else to go, other than waiting for the end of AB9.

Measuring 3.81 m in length, 1.60 m in width, 1.35 m in height and 2.36 m of wheelbase, the Gol 94 brought together the extremely basic, in this case the Gol 1000, to the most sporty, with the Goal 94 GTI.

Interesting is that, today, the latter has prices on the market considered stratospheric, being a collector car, some of them famous.

With only two doors and a dropped roof at the rear, the first generation Gol had little interior space, especially in the back, as well as a tiny trunk, due to the spare tire, which was reduced to just 273 liters.

Nothing aerodynamic, the Gol 94 carried the update of the 91 line, nicknamed “Chinese” because of the sharper headlights, even though it was the update of the famous “orbital” wheel from VW, which won many people.

With mechanical steering, the Gol 94 could have air conditioning, as well as an audio system with tape player, electric windows and locks, electric mirrors, tachometer, Recaro sports seats, alloy wheels, fog lights and/or mile , airfoil, among others.

Its AE-1000 engine, from the Gol 1000 version, had 50 horsepower and 7.3 kgfm, few for a 1.0 today, but standard at the time. The AE-1600 had 74.7 horsepower and 13 kgfm, while the AP-1600 delivered 80 horsepower and 12.7 kgfm.

The AP-1800 was offered in two versions, with the CL and GL having 96 horsepower and 15.2 kgfm, while the AP-1800S of the Gol GTS had 97 horsepower, with sport valve timing and different calibration.

In the case of the Gol GTS, the AP-2000 engine had 112 horsepower and 17.5 kgfm, however, it was equipped with multipoint electronic injection, a differential that came from the 89 line, when it became the first national with injection.

Goal 94 – versions

  • Volkswagen Gol 1000
  • Volkswagen Gol CL 1.6 (AE)
  • Volkswagen Gol CL 1.6
  • Volkswagen Gol CL 1.8
  • Volkswagen Gol GL 1.8
  • Volkswagen Gol GTS 1.8
  • Volkswagen Gol GTI 2.0

Goal 94 – equipment

Volkswagen Gol 1000 – 1.0 engine, five-speed gearbox, plus gray bumpers, gray grille, gray left side mirror, 13-inch steel wheels without hubcaps, 145/80 R13 tires and black gutters and handles.

Two-spoke steering wheel, three-speed fan, hot air, right side mirror, ashtray, fabric seats, folding rear seat, luggage compartment cover, interior mirror, manual windows, manual locks, glove compartment, reclining backrests and winds.

Storage compartment, 3-point belts in the front, 2-point belts on the other seats, two-speed windshield wipers, mechanical steering, external mirrors without internal control, sun visors, fire extinguisher, door trim, among others.

Volkswagen Gol CL 1.6 (AE) – Items above, more AE 1.6 liter engine, more protectors on the sides, steel wheels with metal caps, 155/80 R13 tires, water temperature in the cluster, fabric seats with different pattern, sound preparation, AM-FM radio, external antenna and two speakers.

Volkswagen Gol CL 1.6 – Items above, plus 1.6 liter AP engine.

Volkswagen Gol CL 1.8 – Items above, plus 1.8 liter AP engine and 175/70 R13 tires.

Volkswagen Gol GL 1.8 – Items above, more green windows, thermal rear window, gradient windshield, differentiated pattern of seats, tilting rear windows, 13-inch alloy wheels and rear window washer and wiper.

Foamed steering wheel, clock in the cluster, econometer, air conditioning, radio cassette player, center console, glove compartment with key, cigarette lighter, satellite controls on the dashboard, among others.

Volkswagen Gol GTS 1.8 – Items above, plus 1.8S engine, short gearshift, black bumpers with red friezes, front bumpers, headlights, fog lights, 14-inch orbital sports wheels, 185/60 R14 tires and dual-pipe exhaust.

Rear spoiler, B-pillar moldings, GTS logo, black side protectors with red trim, firmer suspension, four-spoke steering wheel, tachometer, cassette holder, electric antenna, ball-type gearshift, digital clock and Recaro seats.

Electric windows, electric locks and electric mirrors.

Volkswagen Gol GTI 2.0 – Items above, plus 2.0 engine with injection, gray and red or black bumpers, mirrors in car color, BBS alloy wheels, roof antenna, wraparound spoiler, GTi logo, cluster with red graphics, hollow headrests and differentiated Recaro banks.

Goal 94 – prices

Goal 94 Fipe table

  • Volkswagen Gol 1000 – BRL 13,131
  • Volkswagen Gol CL 1.6 (AE) – BRL 10,613
  • Volkswagen Gol CL 1.6 – BRL 10,613
  • Volkswagen Gol CL 1.8 – BRL 11,294
  • Volkswagen Gol GL 1.8 – BRL 13,105
  • Volkswagen Gol GTS 1.8 – R$ 17,243
  • Volkswagen Gol GTI 2.0 – BRL 19,120

Goal 94 – engine

The Gol 94 had AE engines (CHT) and AP (EA827), being the first of Ford origin, with 1.0 liter having 50 horsepower and 7.3 kgfm, using in-block timing chain (OHV), in a design from Renault and with carburetor.

The AE 1.6 had 74.7 horsepower and 13 kgfm, also with carburetion and catalytic converter, differing in that it uses a block with water jackets in the cylinders and rods to activate the valves.

In the case of the EA827, the AP project had the head command driven by a timing belt, using 1.6 and 1.8 carburetors, which delivered 80 and 96 horsepower, respectively, in addition to 12.7 and 15.3 kgfm.

The 1.8S had sporty valve timing and different carburetion, reaching 97 horsepower with the catalytic converter, however, being faster in response.

The 2.0 had multipoint injection and had 112 horsepower, plus 17.5 kgfm. All had a five-speed manual transmission, shorter in the GTS and GTi.

Goal 94 – performance

  • Volkswagen Gol 1.0 – 20.0 seconds and 137 km/h
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.6 (AE) – 12.9 seconds and 154 km/h
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.6 – 11.9 seconds and 160 km/h
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.8 – 10.3 seconds and 163 km/h
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.8S – 11.3 seconds and 167 km/h
  • Volkswagen Gol 2.0 – 8.8 seconds and 185 km/h

Goal 94 – consumption

How much does the Gol 94 make per litre?

  • Volkswagen Gol 1.0 – 10.9/14.0 km/l
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.6 (AE) – 11.6/17.1 km/l
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.6 – 11.8/14.9 km/l
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.8 – 7.5/11.8 km/l
  • Volkswagen Gol 1.8S – 9.2/13.5 km/l
  • Volkswagen Gol 2.0 – 8.7/13.6 km/l

Goal 94 – photos

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