Have you already updated your PC to the new Windows 11?


Microsoft launched its new operating system just over a year ago, at the beginning of October 2021. Windows 11 has arrived to give not only a revamp to the way the machines work, but also to significantly change the appearance and design of the system. However, there are still many users who are not convinced by the novelty and, therefore, have not yet updated their equipment.

So, in our question this week we want you to tell us if you have already updated your PC to the new Windows 11 operating system. Participate!

Have you already upgraded your PC to Windows 11?

Windows 11 has arrived, and with it, it brought a lot of interesting news. In addition, news about this new operating system from Microsoft comes out practically every day, as a way of aligning and cleaning up some gaps that still exist, as well as enabling this recent OS to better serve users.

But Windows 11 still hasn't convinced many people, and there are still a significant number of users who choose to keep the older system, especially Windows 10.

So, in December 2021, we launched this same question to find out at what point the installation of Windows 11 was. And at that time, only 24% responded that they had already installed Windows 11 on their machines. Of those who responded negatively, 40% said their PC didn't meet the minimum requirements; 20% expected improvements; 7% said they like the system they have more; 5% didn't have time and 4% said they didn't like Windows 11.

In this way, and after almost 1 year, in our question this week we want you to tell us if you have already updated your computer to Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 11. You can vote in the poll we left below.

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