High electricity bill? Check out 7 tips to reduce consumption – 10/19/2022


Know how to save electricity it is a necessity for the daily life of Brazilians. Currently, Brazil is the second country with the most expensive electricity bill in the world, after Colombia.

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According to a note released in July by the Association of Large Industrial Energy Consumers and Free Consumers (Abrace), in the last five years, the cost of electricity has risen by about 47%. 25% of the entire family budget is used only to pay the bill of electricity.

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Electrical engineer Pedro Al Shara, CEO of TS Sharaa national manufacturer of nobreaks and voltage stabilizers, points out that everyone can reassess, within their reality, ways to reduce electricity consumption.

“Many problems in relation to the high value of the energy bill can be solved from consumer awareness. Therefore, some day-to-day activities can be controlled and simple but effective measures can be put into practice to avoid wasting energy and save on expenses”, he explains.

Check out some tips to save on your electricity bill.

Purchase efficient electrical appliances

Older appliances are often less efficient. If you can, replace them with newer appliances with the PROCEL seal, which allows the consumer to know, among the equipment and appliances available on the market, which are the most efficient models with lower energy consumption, allowing the option of a purchase more economical.

Unplug appliances

Inside the house, there are several appliances that are constantly plugged into the socket. Many of them, such as the internet router and cable TV devices cannot be turned off, but the recommendation is that the others are unplugged when not in use. To make it easier, it is possible to use a UPS or even a power strip with an off button.

Check the electrical installation

The energy overload in the installation is another reason that can increase the consumption of electricity. This is usually a problem with older homes, with non-standard wiring and current normals. The lack of professional evaluation in relation to energy overload can generate a short circuit of the electrical network and even cause a fire.

Invest in power protection equipment

To help with the conscious use of electricity in your home, you can install equipment such as UPS and voltage stabilizers. Much more than just providing continuous clean energy after blackouts or power surges, UPS are also responsible for maintaining the quality of your electrical network, filtering the electricity that reaches electronic devices, protecting them from electrical network disturbances.

As for the stabilizers, as the name implies, they help to stabilize the voltage if there is any change in the electrical network, transforming high and low voltages into constant and stable.

Keep an eye on your cell phone charger

Do not leave the cell phone charger, or other devices, in the socket alone or after the device is fully charged. In addition to avoiding domestic accidents, it continues to consume electricity.

Reduce your bath time

The electric shower is one of the appliances that consumes the most energy, so, in addition to reducing the time in the shower, it is valid for the user to leave it in the “Summer” option to obtain a 30% saving in consumption. An alternative that homes and condominiums have already adopted are showers with solar heating, which work by capturing solar radiation and transforming it into thermal energy.

Avoid energy consumption at peak times

The so-called peak time, or peak time, is the time of day (from 6 pm to 9 pm) when energy consumption in the country is highest, that is, when more people are consuming energy, causing it, according to the law of demand and supply, it becomes more expensive. Therefore, a good tip to reduce the light bill is to avoid unnecessary consumption during these times.

Use solar energy as an alternative

Photovoltaic systems, which convert sunlight directly into electrical energy, allow for a reduction of up to 95% in the bill every month. This is possible thanks to the energy credit system created by Aneel, which makes it possible to offset the energy consumed from the grid by that produced by the solar panel. The value will depend on the amount of energy generated, consumption and the local tariff.

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