Honda SH 300i 2023: Price, Technical Data, Consumption and Photos


The Japanese automaker Honda is dominating the entire automobile market in the world, and it has already held the top of the segment for several years, this is due to its extreme quality inserted in the products and very varied portfolio.

One of the models that brought a lot of fame to the brand was the SH 300i 2023, this model has an extremely strong engine, mainly because it is a scooter, the company provided high quality mechanics for the model making it extremely versatile within the Marketplace.

In this article we will contextualize the latest version of the SH 300i in 2023. The model was discontinued in 2021 for 2022 due to a “cannibalism” existing within Honda Scooters.

Read on and learn all about the 2023 SH 300i.


The scooter has an extremely modern concept, with harmonious lines and bold lines that show how modern and sophisticated the motorcycle is. The two SH wheels are made of light alloy and both have 16″ rims.

The fairing of the motorcycle is ergonomically made to offer the best aerodynamics for the motorcycle, and the most efficient riding position for the rider and pillion pillion, below the seat which is extremely well finished, contains a spacious trunk, which is extremely useful for store bags, materials, cell phone, wallet among other items.

The SH 300i 2023 has a modern and sophisticated look. Photo: Disclosure.

The bike still has LED headlights and a well-positioned flashlight that highlights the vision of the bike well, thus avoiding possible collisions, on top of the flashlight there is still a tail with a strap to place a luggage rack, under the 100% digital panel of the bike. also a windshield that helps in the safety of the person, avoiding possible debris to be chopped and thrown against the pilot, especially when walking behind a truck.

SH 300i 2023 price

The scooter will not leave the hands of a seller for less than R$ 27,165.00, this value was taken from the FIPE Table website (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas). The SH 300i 2023 has a salty market value, this is due to its strong motorization, and all its technology.


Its engine is a single-cylinder SOHC that works with a 4-stroke Otto system, this engine provides 279.1 cc (displacement) that has an incredible 26.8 hp of maximum power at 8,250 rpm, with a maximum torque of 2.7 kgf. but 6,000 rpm.

The model of automaker It also has PGM-FI electronic injection, electric start, liquid cooling and a CVT automatic transmission, whose clutch is centrifuged, and the final transmission by a toothed belt.

Photo of the engine of the SH 300i 2023 brown
The SH 300i 2023 It has a strong engine. Photo: Disclosure.

Consumption of the SH 300i 2023

Nowadays, the term economy is extremely broad in our socioeconomic scenario, especially if we are talking about vehicles, where fuel ends up becoming an enemy of the civilian pocket. To get around the situation, people look to buy economical models that can alleviate expenses, and even help save more at the end of the month.

So the 2023 SH 300i manages to make a relatively economical average, especially if we take the strong engine as a measurement parameter, the bike manages to make an average consumption of 28.7 km per liter inside the city. On the roads, it manages to reach a higher mark of 29.9 km per liter.

Respectively, the bike can provide a range of up to 258 km inside the city, and outside the city on the roads, a range of up to 269 km. So the bike is a great partnership to ride for a long time without having to refill the tank.

Side shot of a 2023 SH 300i positioned under the center stand
The 2023 SH 300i has relatively high economy for a 300cc model. Photo: Disclosure.

Technical sheet of SH 300i 2023

Technical data is normally expressed by the following factors: Power (hp), torque kgf.m), weight (kg), measurements (mm) among many other intangible items. These factors are always shown in the same way, and have an informative and comparative purpose.

For example, you can easily diverge the points from a PCX 150 to an ADV 150, in this way you can easily identify which of the models best suits your profile.

Check now the technical items of the SH 300i 2023:


engine capacity 279.1 cc (displacement)
Settings SOHC
System 4 stroke otto
Cooling liquid cooling
Fuel Gasoline
Maximum power 26.8 hp at 8,250 rpm
maximum torque 2.7 kgf at 6,000 rpm
Streaming Automatic CVT
Injection PGM-FI electronics
Match electrical
Clutch Automatic centrifuged
final transmission by toothed chain

Electrical system

Ignition electronics
Drums 12 V – 11 Ah, sealed
Lighthouse 55 / 60 W H4 X 1


Fuel tank 9 liters
engine oil Not identified


rear suspension telescopic fork
Stroke diameter (mm) 102 mm
front suspension Bicho with spring preload
Diameter (mm) 155 mm


front brake the ventilated disc
Front brake diameter (mm) 256 mm
rear brake the ventilated disc
Rear brake diameter (mm) 256 mm
support system ABS


Type Diamond Frame
Weight (kg) 162 kg
Total length (mm) 2100 mm
Overall width (mm) 730 mm
Total height (mm) 1220 mm
Total distance between axles (mm) 1420 mm
Minimum distance from the ground (mm) Not identified
Seat height (mm) 785 mm
front tire 130 / 70
Front tire rim (inches) 16 inches
Rear tire 130 / 70 tubeless
Rear tire rim (inches) 16 inches

my opinion about

“This is one of the bikes I would like to pass away, the bike itself has a great mechanical set, its problem lies in its value and its cannibalism problem. Firstly, its value is extremely high, even though it contains a lot of quality, it doesn’t live up to its name, another factor is that both the SH 150i and the mentioned model have the same mechanical set as the PCX 150, which is much more complete, modern and technological, and that’s where the term “cannibalism” came from, in which case the PCX replaces the two Honda SH versions.”

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Common questions

What is the value of the SH 300i 2023 according to FIPE?

The scooter is being negotiated for R$ 27,165.00.

How many cc (cc) does the SH 300i 2023 have?

The 2023 SH 300i has 279.1 cc (displacement).

Does the SH 300i 2023 operate with a Flex engine?

No, it only runs on gasoline.

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