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We are increasingly connected to cell phones, whether to communicate, work, study and, of course, have fun. However, some people may still feel insecure about protecting their cell phones or even important data.

Even sports betting is part of the routine of many Brazilians today. After all, more and more people are talking about it and are willing to give their guesses at sporting events.

But you don’t always have to be in front of a computer to enjoy everything a platform offers. Currently, bookmakers invest in good mobile versions and even in specific applications.

Since how to sign up for bet365 on mobile, even how to make deposits, withdrawals or even bets, everything can be done safely. Just follow our tips to protect yourself as much as possible from any danger.

Pay attention to your cell phone and the dangers of unprotected browsing

Public Wi-Fi can be attractive to those who are out and about and don’t have a mobile data connection. However, this type of connection will not protect you from intrusions that could have serious consequences for you.

Therefore, this is the first tip we can offer: avoid connecting to public internet networks. In this way, you will be protected from hacker attacks and prevent data and other important information from being stolen.

So, if possible, use the mobile internet on your cell phone or wait until you reach a reliable place to connect to Wi-Fi. Or, have fun with games that don’t depend on an internet connection. Thus, you will not have limitations regarding the internet connection or not to be able to play.

Another important point is the installation of a good antivirus. If we use this type of program to protect our computers, the premise is practically the same for cell phones. After all, we can say that currently the smartphones are portable computers.

It will work as an extra feature against intrusions, malware, among other problems. That way, you can play games with more peace of mind, even if you want to download games or special applications from gaming platforms.

meet the reputation of websites and apps you want to install on your cell phone. Today it is easy to find ratings, comments and even ratings for this type of product. So, spend your time seeing what other users think about the platforms and apps.

If possible, download apps that are available from official Android or iOS stores. So, you will know that they follow the necessary security and protection required by operating systems.

And when it comes to sports betting?

Care is the same. But there are some extra tips for you to have fun without headaches: bet only on sites with operating licenses. In this way, you can be sure that the platform follows international standards for the exploitation of sports betting and casino games.

This information is usually available at the footer of the site or even in the operator’s Terms and Conditions (T&C). If you do not find any data, be suspicious of the betting platform.

This step is essential for a good mobile gaming experience. After all, when opening a player account, the user must provide personal data, address and much more. In addition, the bettor must make a deposit and, consequently, must inform bank details, cards, among others.

On these sites it is possible to play both in the mobile version, accessing the browser of your cell phone, and by application. But as betting is not completely legal in Brazil, you won’t find the apps available in the official stores of the operating systems.

In this case, you must download the application directly from the betting site. Therefore, the first tip is essential: if the platform is reliable, the application will be too. Otherwise, you will install a suspicious app and provide personal data to something that may not be trusted.

But it is worth remembering that the mobile version of the site does the trick and that no player is obliged to download the app. That way, you’ll be able to do absolutely everything you can on the site in the desktop version, for PC.

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