How to reduce crashes in League of Legends


Even being a relatively light game, League of Legends can end up having some occasional crashes or drops in FPS during the game, which can be fatal for the player. In this article, The Clutch shows some alternatives that can solve the problem and make the experience more fluid for players.

Update the video card

NVIDIA driver application (Photo: Reproduction/NVIDIA)

One of the simplest alternatives that can bring great improvements to League of Legends is to update your graphics card driver.

That’s because the update may bring small bug fixes in the driver that can cause the game to crash or slow down. On some video cards, the software that comes with them updates the driver from time to time, while on others it is necessary for the player to update manually.

If you don’t have a video card application, you need to access the card manufacturer’s website — Intel, NVIDIA or OMG — and look for your card’s driver.

If you don’t know what your graphics card is, you can find the information by searching for “Manage Devices” on the Windows bar and then click on “Video adapters”. See the images below:

Enable Light Setup mode

Over the years, League of Legends’ recommended settings have increased a bit. This was due to the graphical updates in the game, to not let the champions and the map get dated when compared to other games.

Thus, less powerful computers began to lag, causing crashes to occur during matches, especially in teamfights, where there are many enemies and different abilities.

An alternative to avoid this is to activate the Light Configuration. This mode reduces all League of Legends settings to a minimum, increasing match performance, as well as reducing RAM memory usage.

To enable the mode, you need to access the game’s settings, represented by the gear icon. After that, just activate the option “Enable Light Configuration mode” on the screen “General” of the options.

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Photo: Playback / League of Legends

Repair League of Legends

One of the causes of the crash are files that may have been corrupted for some reason, either because the computer was not turned off properly or because of viruses and other infections. That way, the League of Legends repair tool can find these files and re-download a patched version of the game.

To repair the game, you need to access the Riot client, then go to the account options, represented by the icon of a person in the upper right corner, and access the option “settings”. With the new tab open, just select League of Legends and click on the “To repair”.

So, if you have any missing or corrupted file, it will be downloaded again.

Hextech Repair Tool

Another way to repair the game, and also solve some other problems, is to use Riot’s Hextech Repair Tool. The tool will show some known errors in the region and the procedure that must be done to solve them.

If none of the alternatives work, the application creates a small .zip file with the League of Legends system information and logs. That way, the file can be sent to Riot when opening a ticket in support site.

This information will help the developer team understand what the problem is and if there is any way to solve it.

hextech repair tool
Hextech Repair Tool (Photo: Playback/Riot Games)
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