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Luiz Ciardi, a market specialist at n2, recalls that retailer shares are inversely proportional to the yield curve (Image: Money Times/ Gustavo Kahil)

the action of Via (VIIA3) was a highlight in the session this Wednesday (3), on a day when the central bank meets to define the destination of Brazilian interest rates.

As a result, the share rose 11.49% to R$2.62.

Luiz Ciardi, market specialist at n2, recalls that retailers’ securities are inversely proportional to the yield curve and the rise in inflation. Today’s relief comes with a bet that this is the last increase for the year.

In the view of Leandro Petrokas, Director of Research and partner at Quantzed, the market is beginning to understand that this possible stop in interest rates due to the BC already reflects this in market interest rates, with rotation of sectors that are migrating to sectors that were well underrated.

Time to invest?

Fabrício Gonçalvez, CEO of BOX Asset Management, says that the scenario ahead is quite uncertain.

“It is necessary to be very careful to invest in assets of greater volatility and with a more cyclical dynamics”, he says.

In the last month, the BTG Pactual updated estimates of Via with neutral recommendation. The bank cut the target price from R$8 to R$4.

Bank analysts project a still challenging scenario ahead, with the e-commerce slowing down in the main categories (electronics and appliances) and competition becoming increasingly evident in the sector.

in the case of Viaat provisions announced for the coming years should continue to put pressure on the company’s results.

Victoria Minatto, retail analyst at bendorfstates that with inflation high, consumer stocks tend to be more volatile, especially those most affected by the macro scenario, such as Via and Magalu (MGLU3), which have a higher average ticket (very dependent on white goods).


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