Lea Maria Jahn and Juliano Gaspar perform the Bad Trip tour in Europe


Success on social networks, where they have more than 1 million followers, the comedians Lea Maria Jahn and Juliano Gaspar held a successful stand-up comedy tour, which toured five countries in Europe, passing through cities such as Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Lisbon, ending in the iconic city of Porto, with a full house.

In all, there were five countries (Germany, Austria, Holland, Spain and Portugal) and eight cities that received the hilarious show. bad tripwhich is a stand up comedy show about the stories of this couple, who tell their bizarre and hilarious experiences about their travels (and perrengues) around the world.


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The gringa Lea Mariatogether with the champion of the last festival of humor of the festival laughter, Juliano Gaspar, talk about the perrengues who lived abroad, both from the perspective of Lea Maria, who is German and lives in Brazil, and from Juliano Gaspar, who is from Florianópolis and one day decided to explore the world, passing through Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Thailand and other countries. The show also talks about differences in a relationship between people from different cultures.

Bad Trip in Porto

The humorist couple explains the concept of the show. “Dating a gringo can be the greatest of bad trips. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The idea is to show that in the end, no matter how bad or strange the experience was, there is always a good story to tell“, they reveal.

This columnist was at the show held in the city of Porto, where during the afternoon I accompanied the couple on a limousine and boat ride, organized by Dani Maciel and Michelle Reis and at night I went to see the show, which was attended by people of different nationalities, with whom I talked and they were very enthusiastic.

In the audience, although there was a majority of Brazilians and then Portuguese, there were people from Cape Verde, Venezuela, Colombia and Spain, which shows the vocation of reaching different audiences with different backgrounds cultures of this format and concept. The show, which lasted a little over an hour and a half, drew a good laugh in moments that mixed improvisation in interaction with the audience and a delicious contrast between the German and Brazilian way of making humor. At the end of the show, we left with the idea that, no matter how bad or strange the experience we went through in life, there are always several good stories to tell.

The project Euro Bad Trip it was all documented on video, both in moments of external tours in the cities visited and during the show, and aims to become a comedy special. According to the filmmakers, this will be done in a format that is still unheard of in Brazilian audiovisual.

Bad Trip in Porto (Photo: Michelle Reis / fotosonhadora.pt)

Success in networks

With more than 1.6 million followers, Lea Maria Jahn became a sensation on TikTok for making fun of peculiarities of Brazilian daily life and culture. His most watched video, with almost 12 million views, talks about the rush of São Paulo and the hot dog with unusual ingredients from São Paulo. In the video about Porto Alegre, she comments on Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s random rolês, on the separatist movement and the maragato scarf.

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