Macuco Safari resumes boat trips in Iguaçu Falls


The tour was suspended for two days due to the large flow of water, caused by the large amount of rain in the Iguaçu River basin.

This tour was made on the afternoon of this Friday, the 14th, when the flow was reaching 16 million liters per second, in the Iguaçu Falls.
Photo credit: Silvanacanalmkt

The large amount of rain in the last few days has transformed the landscape, making the Iguaçu Falls even more exciting and splendorous. On Wednesday (12), the Macuco Safari boat trip was suspended, because the flow of the Waterfalls reached 11 million liters per second, almost seven times above average.

This Thursday (13) the flow was with more than 16 million liters of water per second, making the ride even more exciting and with a splendorous beauty. “I had the opportunity to see the Falls with normal flow 11 years ago and today above normal. The boat ride is very exciting. We interact more with the Falls and with nature”declares tourist Mauricio Teixeira dos Santos who is traveling with his 10-year-old daughter Lia.

Mauricio Teixeira took the opportunity to say that the preservation and care that Macuco Safari has with nature and ecotourism has always impressed him. “When I came for the first time, there was still not much talk about ecotourism in the rest of Brazil and I found a safe, clean and responsible attraction. I already plan another vacation with my three daughters because we want to experience this adrenaline and do this wonderful tour again”declares.

This Friday afternoon (14), hundreds of tourists took advantage of the boat ride and went up the Iguaçu River until they got very close to the falls. Due to the large flow of water and aiming at the safety of passengersthe boat maintains a certain distance from the great falls of the Waterfalls, however, tourists are not left without the traditional bath in the Falls. “Our pilots take tourists to do the baptism in the smaller falls, aiming at the necessary safety, but offering moments of great emotion and adrenaline”, highlights the general manager of Macuco safari, Lucas Teixeira.

Photo credit: Silvanacanalmkt

How is Macuco Safari?

The tourist attraction offers different modalities. start with a 2km trail inside the Iguaçu National Park, where tourists ride in ecological vehicles powered by electricity. Then there is the 600 meter walk along a suspended trail. At the end, there is a deck with a souvenir shop, snack bar, restrooms and luggage storage.

The tourists, who are accompanied by trilingual guides, able to pass on various information about the fauna and flora, go down to the pier with electric-powered trams. On the deck, tourists receive safety equipment, instructions and the boat climbs the currents of the Iguaçu River to the set of large falls of the Iguaçu Falls.

But in the middle of this path there is still waterfalls. But what is it: It’s a rappel down a 20-meter high waterfall, accompanied by a team with expertise to generate safety and make the adventure even more beautiful.


Preferably, tickets must be purchased through the website, which contains all the necessary information for a tour full of emotions and adrenaline.

WhatsApp: 45 99134 4168

Captions for photos: This tour was done on the afternoon of this Friday, the 14th, when the flow was reaching 16 million liters per second, in the Iguaçu Falls.

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