Nissan Frontier improves on-board comfort and is more technological


In early 2022, Nissan restyled the frontier, which is imported from Argentina. With the facelift, the medium pickup received a nice makeover in the look and became much more modern and “bulky”. Visually, the highlight is the new full LED headlights that bring four projectors inside the lens. In addition, it gained a new grille with chrome contour, which improves the ventilation of the 2.3 biturbo engine and makes the front of the pickup even more raw.

Jornal do Carro evaluated the Platinum version, which is the top intermediate – only below the PRO-4X, the most expensive of the line. The option has a cleaner and “urban” style, although the pickup has 4×4 traction with reduced and electronic adjustments. With the investment made in 2021 at the Santa Isabel plant in Córdoba, Nissan has expanded production capacity. The plan is to lean on the leader Toyota Hilux and rivals Chevrolet S10, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport.

However, Frontier’s mission is not easy. In the accumulated from January to August 2022, the Nissan pickup occupies the 5th place, with 5,340 license plates – the renewal came in April. That is, so far it has sold almost six times less than the Hilux, with 29,644 units since January, and is far behind the S10, with 18,319 models delivered this year. There is also the L200, with 10,320 copies, and the Ranger, with 8,694 sales in the period.


Frontier evolves from within

The Frontier Platinum has a suggested price of R$ 323,890, but, with the metallic blue paint, as in the video of the channel of Car Journal, the price rises to R$ 325,840. That is, it has become more expensive since its launch, when it came to R$317,790. In this configuration, it features a 2.3-litre diesel engine with 190 hp and 45.9 mkgf of torque at 1,500 rpm. The transmission is a seven-speed automatic, with 4×4 and reduced.

In our assessment, the Frontier lived up to what is expected of an average pickup. The throttle responses are quick and strong, and the driving position is quite high. Due to the higher suspension and center of gravity, the truck can raise the front end slightly when accelerating harder. Likewise, it delivers a feeling of robustness when driving and a wide view of the road. On board, the novelty is that it is closer to an SUV.

Nissan Frontier 2023

Pickup now bets on content

In this restyling, Frontier gained very interesting equipment, which made the pickup more modern. The steering wheel has the same hub and buttons as the Versa sedan and Kicks SUV. However, it has a circular rim (without the straight base) and a larger diameter, which gives a more adequate grip. And it has the 7-inch HD display on the instrument panel between the speedometer and the tachometer, and it gives it a modern look.

Another equipment to highlight is the 8-inch multimedia. It offers connection (by cable) with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, is quick and easy to operate and has physical buttons to adjust, for example, radio and volume. Directly below are the two-zone air conditioning controls. Finally, closer to the gearbox are the traction selector, with 4×2 (rear), 4×4 and reduced modes, and the button to choose the driving modes.


800 km of autonomy

The 2.3 biturbo diesel engine also delivers good consumption figures. It’s 9.1 km/l in the city and an average of 11 km/l on the highway, which gives a range of 803 km with a 73-liter tank. That is, on a trip from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, for example, Frontier spends little more than a tank. For ecological reasons, the pickup has the Arla 32 system for after-treatment of exhaust gases. Thus, it is enabled Proconve L7.

Frontier also proves to be interesting in capabilities. For example, the bucket is slightly higher after the restyling and the compartment has a generous volume of 1,054 litres. Its load capacity is one ton, that is, on average for medium-sized pickup trucks. A cool novelty is the step on the bumper that facilitates access to the bucket. Another positive point is the lid, with light and smooth opening.

Nissan Frontier 2023

robust electronics

A notable change in the new Nissan Frontier is the electronics. The pickup is now packed with interesting and easy-to-use features, such as the four-mode driving program. There is the standard (Standard), the Sport, the Off-road (only with the 4×4 activated) and the Tow mode, for specific use with couplings or when the truck is fully loaded. For off-road, it has descent control, which helps to face steeper slopes.

Nissan Frontier 2023

But the highlight of this restyling is the more advanced security. Nissan’s pickup now has several semi-autonomous features that work with the help of a long-range radar and a front-facing camera. Among them, there is forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitor in the mirrors, automatic high beam control and cross-traffic alert in reverse manoeuvres. It also has a 360º camera system and lane departure alert.

The Nissan Safety Shield package just doesn’t deliver adaptive cruise control (ACC). But the Platinum version list is complete, with six airbags, stability and traction controls, ABS and Isofix anchorage for child seats. Full LEDS headlamps have improved night lighting by 20% to 30%. And, inside, the seats are upholstered in leather, the key is in person, with a push-button engine activation, and the new USB ports have fast charging.


Worth the purchase?

With a price of R$ 325 thousand, the Nissan Frontier undoubtedly increased in price as it evolved. The pickup won, for example, four-wheel disc brakes, which makes the difference in stronger braking. In addition, sound insulation was reinforced. And it was clear aboard Frontier 2023 in motion. Little is heard of the 2.3 biturbo engine or even aerodynamic noises (with the new mirrors). Even the insulation of the wheel arches is better.

The brand also adjusted the suspension, seeking to reinforce the stability and softness of the set. Just the finish that hasn’t changed much and doesn’t delight, with hard plastics. At 5.26 meters long, the Frontier is not so practical for the city. But with added technologies, the Nissan Frontier takes it up a notch, improves comfort and innovates with advanced safety features. And it still has the 4×4 vein and sunroof, an exclusivity in the category.

The Car Journal is on Youtube

  • The look of the new Frontier 2023 is much more interesting than before, the pickup has gained new semi-autonomous technologies and delivers power with a diesel biturbo engine
  • Finishing has been a weakness of Frontier since before the restyling and remains; price of R$ 325 thousand was also exaggerated


2.3 16V, four-cylinder, biturbo, diesel


190 hp at 3,750 rpm


45.9 mkgf at 1,500 rpm


Seven-speed automatic; 4×4 traction with reduced

bucket volume

1,054 liters

battery capacity

1,010 kg

Minimum height from the ground

24.7 cm

Entry and exit angles

31.2nd and 25.8th

Weight (running order)

2,207 kg

Fuel tank

73 liters

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

11.3 seconds

Maximum speed

180 km/h

road consumption

11 km/l

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