Nova Venécia will have a new party edition in honor of Italian culture


Cappelletti and Tagliatella, two typical dishes of Italian cuisine, are honored at the 4th edition of the Festa da Cappitella, in Nova Venécia, on the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th of August. The event promises a lot of animation, in a festivity focused on Italian origins.

Being a realization of the Association of the Festa da Cappitella (Afecapi), the president of the entity, Pedro Destefani, reports that the objective of the event is the valorization of the socio-cultural identity, with the qualification of the gastronomy and the generation of employment and income.

“This party arose from the union of the words: Cappelletti and Tagliatella, two typical dishes of Italian cuisine, which immigrants brought when they arrived in Nova Venécia, in 1888. It is a party that seeks to rescue and value all the effort and suffering of the Italian immigrants who arrived here. It is a moment for Venetian families and other communities in our state, where during these four days, they will be able to enjoy from our delicious cuisine, shows and cultural manifestations”, he explained.

With a program that starts with Quinta Gourmet, there will be a show class, with Danilo Amaral, who will present live how octopus is made in ginger butter, with honeyed rice with pancetta and tomato and crispy tapioca with bacon. Chef Juarez Campos will produce a taiadela with sun dried meat, with pumpkin cream and cottage cheese.

Following, the Serenata Veneziana, which was a success in the previous edition, will travel through the streets of the city center, with the participation of the Italian Song Group, Augusto Zaché.

One of the highlights of the party, Carrettino Della Cappitella, which is a cultural procession with families on their floats and distribution of typical foods, will take place on Saturday (27), departing Ernesto Ayres Farias Street, through the city center. and arriving at Praça Adélio Lubiana.

The traditional Italian Mass will be on Sunday, the 28th, at Matriz São Marcos, with Father Hélio Savoia, and the participation of the Italian Choir IMITAJ, from Jaguaré, with live broadcast on the social networks of Rede Notícia and Rádio Nova Onda FM.

The Italian party will still have the Barchettino, which will be a moment where registered boatmen will make their parades, with their decorated boats, along the Cricaré River. The event will provide two days of moments of boat rides, with tickets being sold during the party. Also, Tramonto Kiri Kere, which will feature Adeomir Adeodato, who will perform on a boat, on the Cricaré River, playing saxophone, with Italian songs.

One of the highlights will also be the debut of Tombo da Polenta, which promises a lot of emotion. The event will be concentrated in the Adélio Lubiana square, downtown.

Check the schedule:

THURSDAY (August 25)
4:00 pm – Opening food court – Gastronomic Festival.
18h – Class Show with Chef DANILO AMARAL /
Chef CIRLEI BENINCÁ. Dish – Grilled octopus in ginger butter with sticky rice, pancetta and tomato with crunchy tapioca and bacon.
7pm- Class Show with Chef JUAREZ CAMPOS / Chef CIRLEI BENINCÁ. Dish – Tagliatelle with sun-dried meat with pumpkin cream and cottage cheese
7:50 pm – Class Show with Chef FRANCISCO PINHEIRO / Chef CIRLEI BENINCÁ. Shrimp sausage, green beans and Sicilian lemon dish.
20:40 – Show Class with Chef MONICA RANGEL / Chef CIRLEI BENINCÁ. Dish – Rice broth, Venetian millionaire bitch
21:30 – Class Show with Chef ARIELLA BRASIL / Chef CIRLEI BENINCÁ. Dish – Torrones, typical sweet from northern Italy
10pm – Cultural show moda de viola with the duo Roger and Jadir Capucho
01h- Closing

FRIDAY (August 26)
4pm – Opening Food Court – Gastronomic Festival
7pm – VENEZIANA SERENATA – Italian Song Group “Augusto Zaché”
Concentration and exit from the roundabout between Rua Colatina and Ernesto Ayres Farias, passing through Rua Goitacazes, Riacho, Praça Jones Santos Neves, Av. Vitória, Cristiano Dias Lopes Bridge, Av. São Mateus, Adélio Lubiana Square. NOTE: Participants must wear Carnevaledi Venezia masks.
7pm – Food Court Stage – Show with Mirano Schuler & João Augusto.
20:30 – Cultural Presentations: Gruppo de Ballo Bambinidi Tutti i Colori – Nova Venécia, Italian Song Group “Augusto Zaché” – Nova Venécia.
10pm – Food Court Stage – Brasitália Band – Santa Tereza
01:30 am – Closing.

SATURDAY (August 27)
8:30 am – Concentration of CARRETTINO – Rua Ernesto Ayres Farias/Rua Colatina.
9:30 am – DEPARTURE FROM CARRETTINO DELLA CAPPITELLA on Rua Ernesto Ayres Farias, passing through Rua Colatina, Av. Vitória, Praça Jones Santos Neves, Ponte Cristiano Dias Lopes, Av. São Mateus, AdelioLubiana Square. CARRETTINO is a cultural procession to value the Venetian family. Along the route we will have floats and distribution of drinks and varied foods.
11:30 am – Praça Adélio Lubiana – Arrival of Carrettino – Gastronomic Festival – Lunch: Cappelletti, Tagliatella, Polenta, Sausage, Cheese, Panzerotto, Calzone, Gnocche, Bread with Sausage, Mini Pizza, Polenta Pastry, Kebabs, Chopp, Wine and Beer
11:30 am – Cultural Presentations – Dance Groups: Gruppo Italiano Tutti Buona Gente – Community Center for the Elderly of Nova Venécia, Gruppo di Ballo – Nova Trento – Guaraná/Aracruz, Gruppo Folkloristo Piccolo Pavone – Vila Pavão, Gruppo de Ballo Bambinidi Tutti i Colori – Nova Venecia, Tradizione and Belle Ragazze Groups from Marilândia.
15:00 – Show with Banda Toni and Boni – Venda Nova do Imigrante.
16:30 – TRAMONTO KIRI KERE – with Ademir Adeodato on the Cricaré River
18h – Show with João Pedro and Banda.
20h – Show with the RobadiCiodi Band – Nova Veneza/Santa Catarina.
20:30 – Presentation Carnevaledi Venezia project – Nova Veneza – Santa Catarina
10:30 pm – Gruppo ItaliAMO Show – Nova Venécia
2 am – Closing

SUNDAY (August 28)
7:30 am – ITALIAN MASS presided over by Father Hélio Savoia and sung by the Italian Choir AMITAJ from Jaguaré – São Marcos Church with live broadcast by Rede Notícia de Comunicação and Radio Nova Onda FM
08:00 – GIRO DA CAPPITELLA START – Pedra do Elefante/Gameleira Environmental Protection Area – Cappelletti Circuit and Tagliatella Circuit – Eco Health Gameleira Circuit Organization
9:30 am – BARCHETTINO – Boat, boat and Kayak trip on the Cricaré River, with the participation of Charanga di Venezia, leaving from the vicinity of Cesan/Manula/Cirilo to Cristiano Dias Lopes Bridge
10:30 am – Gastronomic Festival – Lunch: Cappelletti, Tagliatella, Polenta, Sausage, Cheese, Panzerotto, Calzone, Gnocche, Bread with Sausage, Mini Pizza, Polenta Pastry, Kebabs, Chopp, Wine and Beer
11:30 am – Giocodi Mora Band Show – Alfredo Chaves
13:00 – Cultural Presentations: Gruppo de BalloBambinidi Tutti i Colori – Nova Venécia, GruppoFolkloristo do CirculoTrentini de Santa Tereza and Gruppo Folkloristo Infanto Juvenil Piccolo Pavone – Vila Pavão
2:30 pm – Show with the RobadiCiodi Band – Nova Veneza/Santa Catarina
16:30 – Show with Ricardo Boa and Banda
7pm – Show with Luciano Daré
20:30 – Closing

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