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How to play at online casinos? Complete guide!

One of the most fun (and profitable) ways to pass the time is by accessing a virtual casino. While thousands of Brazilians already enjoy the advantages of this type of platform, many others would like to place their bets. But how to play at the online casino?

If you are also a newbie in this betting universe, you need to know that betting at the online casino is simpler than it seems. And to leave no doubt in your mind, we have prepared a complete guide.

So, in a short time of reading, you will discover how to play at the online casino and make the most of this virtual environment full of possibilities!

To get started, registering at the online casino

The first step to access and play at the online casino is to register and register an account on the chosen platform.

It is important to know that, in Brazil, only people over the age of 18 can register at a virtual casino. On many sites, it is necessary to prove identity (sending photos of your documents) at the time of registration, while other platforms make this requirement when the user requests a deposit.

Each bookmaker asks for different user information when registering, but in general, you will need to provide your full name, an identification document and a form of contact.

It is also common that the user needs to confirm the creation of the account through a link received in their email.

How to choose a good online casino?

When looking for betting sites, you will realize that there are a multitude of brands and options. However, it is essential to look for those platforms that are safe and reliable. But how to know this?

There are a few things you should look out for in a casino for it to be considered trustworthy. To start, see if there is an operating license, which is the seal of approval from a gaming body that validates the performance of the platform.

Also, see what security systems are used by the site. HTTPS seal and SSL certificate are two basics that every website needs to have.

Also seek the opinion of other users and betting experts. Right here, we have articles that present online casinos that pay and individual reviews from different bookmakers.

Deposit to start the account

After registering on the site of your choice, you need to enter values ​​to start playing. After all, we are talking about a betting platform, where the objective is to bet with money to make a cash profit.

Bookmakers offer different deposit methods for their users, from the traditional boleto and bank transfer, to modern means such as Pix and digital wallets.

Pay attention to transaction details. For example, many sites require that your winnings be withdrawn using the same deposit method. Also, there may be minimum amounts to enter into the account as a house rule.

To deposit amounts, access your profile area and look for the option to enter amounts. Follow the instructions on the screen and confirm the operation. Then wait for the processing to appear in your account.

deposit bonus

Before making the deposit, it is interesting to check out the welcome bonus options of an online casino. Often, sites give advantages related to users’ first deposits.

In general, deposit bonuses double or triple the amount entered by the player. However, in order to really make a profit and be able to withdraw the bonus, you will need to comply with the so-called wagering requirements.

These requirements are always stated in the terms and conditions of each offer which, in turn, appear in the Promotions area of ​​the casino.

Is there a way to play at the online casino without paying anything?

If you don’t want to put any money into your account, know that you can play at the online casino without paying anything.

This is the “test” or “for fun” version of the main casino games. In it, you can test casino titles without investments. However, it also does not gain anything if it is victorious. After all, the purpose of this functionality is only for the user to experience the game.

The different types of casino games

Once you have money in your account, with or without a casino deposit bonus, it’s time to enjoy all the games on the platform!

The area where the games are presented is called the lobby. Most of the time, it is divided into Casino and Live Casino – here, the difference is that in Live the games take place in real time, often competing with other people and with the presence of professional dealers.

For those who are just starting to play online casino games, the varied options can seem quite challenging. Therefore, in this complete guide, we have brought you a quick explanation of the different types of games present on betting sites. Check out! Follow this guide if you want to learn which casino games where you have the best chance to win.


Slots, also known as slot machines, are games where you participate in spins and have to make combinations of graphics on the screen. Some of these combinations are rare and therefore give the bettor more profit.

There are different types of slots, which vary in number of columns and rows, as well as combination possibilities.

It’s a simple game to understand, fun, which makes it one of the most popular in the casino.

table games

These are all games that take place on a “table”, as is the case with card games like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and others.

In casinos, there is both a video version of these games, which is when the gambler plays against the computer, as well as live rooms. In these rooms, you can bet with other real competitors, and also count on a dealer, who commands the game.

Crash bet

A relatively new type of game, which has attracted a lot of attention from users: Crash Bet.

In this type of game, the user places a bet to start the game and sees the value being multiplied. However, to make a profit, you have to exit the game before a certain event happens. It is also a simple and fast game, which makes it popular.


Bingo is one of the favorite games of Brazilian gamblers, especially sought after by those who are starting to play at the online casino.

There’s no secret: bingo follows the same traditional rules. What changes is the number of numbers to be drawn and numbers present on the card.


Finally, there is also roulette, which in some casinos appears in the table games area. In roulette, you have to bet on a number and a color, and hope that the ball lands in the correct position.

It is also a very simple and well known game. That is, ideal to start playing at the online casino.

But is playing online casino legal?

Despite the interest in participating in betting, many people are afraid to be part of a site in the field because they believe that betting in Brazil is illegal.

And yes, for many years the physical casino was banned (and it is banned to this day). However, the online version is legal and even the IRS provides information on casino winnings in the income tax return.

In short, playing at the online casino is permitted by law! You can enjoy!

The best of online casino!

As you have seen, after registering, depositing amounts and choosing games to bet on, you are already living an online casino experience!

Remember that the amounts you earn at the casino can be used in other games or withdrawn, so you can enjoy your profits in “real life”.

Also, if you want to explore a casino even more, know that many of them feature the famous sports bettingwhich are interesting for those who like to make predictions on sports events.

Just keep in mind that, like any gambling game, profit at an online casino is not guaranteed. So play responsibly and don’t bet values ​​that are important for your livelihood.

So, with awareness and with the necessary care, you can make the most of what is best at the casino: the fun and excitement of the games!

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