Penedo is the oldest municipality in Alagoas on the Brazilian Tourism Map


Of all the 16 cities visited so far that belong to the Brazilian Tourism Map, Penedo, our weekend destination, is the oldest settlement in Alagoas, with a history that began in the early 1560s, but came to exist as a only inhabited in 1613, being elevated to a village in 1636. The beautiful historic city, located on the banks of the São Francisco River, is certainly not the most popular tourist destination in Alagoas, but on the other hand, in addition to guaranteeing wonderful experiences, it still carries part of the memory of colonial Brazil.

It is because in Penedo, the tourist tours of visitors, who leave Maceió and above all, from Sergipe are certainly contemplated by the colonial architecture, with buildings from the 16th century, between old churches and convents that take people on a journey back in time. On the other hand, tours through Velho Chico, organized on catamarans or rafts, especially at certain times of the year, guarantee beautiful photos and unique experiences amidst the exuberant nature of its banks.

So, for those who want to get to know Penedo, and who appreciate an itinerary that mixes beautiful landscapes and history, the destination is less than 150 kilometers from Maceió.

In the so-called back-and-forth tourism, visitors usually prefer to take the river tour, with a quick passage through the historic center. But for those who prefer to stay a whole weekend, or three days, everything can start with the famous and incredible center, which houses treasures of colonial architecture and buildings full of memories. In addition, the city has good hotels, inns and great cuisine.

You can start with Nossa Senhora das Correntes Church, built in 1765, which preserves its architecture in Baroque and Rococo styles, being one of the most beautiful places in the city. Then, stop at the Paço Imperial, which is actually a museum, located in Praça Doze de Abril, very close to the Nossa Senhora das Correntes Church. It is one of the most interesting places for those who like history, as it keeps relics from the colonial period and also tells the story of the visit of Emperor Dom Pedro II. And enjoy and extend the tour to the Convent and Church of Santa Maria dos Anjos, which in the 18th century functioned as a school of philosophy, French and Latin for students from all over Brazil. The visitor will take a full day tour of the historic center.

On the second day, the tour of the São Francisco River is mandatory, being one of the coolest experiences that the tourist will take in memory and photos. On the tour, which can last up to an hour, the visitor will appreciate the rocks where the history of the city began and have an overview of the city, with its colorful buildings.

A visit to São Pedro Island, in Pedra de São Tomé, is an adventure in itself. To reach the place, you will need to cross by boat in a journey that takes 10 minutes. Then you need to walk a trail of about 20 minutes to Pedra de São Tomé. During the tour, the guide will certainly tell you a little about the history of the city and the island itself and, above all, why the stone begins and arouse so much curiosity among visitors.

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