PF seeks cryptocurrencies from group that sells wines illegally


An organization that illegally imported Argentine wines into Brazil is the target of a PF operation, which seeks cryptocurrencies from the suspects. This is the second operation in less than a week that the Federal Police investigates a possible connection with digital currencies of criminal suspects.

This is because, on July 28, the PF had launched Operation Traders, a group that created a financial pyramid with alleged operations on the stock exchange. In his investigation, cryptocurrencies were sought from the suspects who raised funds mainly in Paraná.

It is clear then that the PF is monitoring the involvement of cryptocurrencies with various crimes, seeking to understand if criminals have these assets for blocking. These operations take place after extensive training of agents in the seizure of digital currencies.

PF seeks cryptocurrencies from suspected of illegally selling Argentine wines and electronic devices

One of the most common tax crimes in Brazil is the so-called “descaminho”, which involves the import, export or consumption of a product without paying taxes. This is a different crime from smuggling, which involves prohibited goods.

Anyway, the PF launched an operation this Wednesday (3) to fight a crime of embezzlement of a suspicious group. According to the PF, the group operates in the “illegal sale of Argentine wines and electronic products (mainly smartphones), through internet sales”.

The warrants were issued by the Federal Court in Chapecó (SC), but conducted in the municipality of Francisco Beltrão (PR). A total of three search and seizure warrants were executed.

In a note, the PF stated that three members of the embezzlement crime are having their bank accounts blocked with this operation, as well as cryptocurrency applications they had.

Group used the internet to sell and post office to deliver products

One of the leaders of the group had already been convicted after the outbreak of Operação Formiga, in 2016, when the PF also investigated crimes of embezzlement of products from Argentina.

This time, the Federal Police found that a person from the criminal association created a “ghost” company in the city of Campo Erê (SC). This company issued false invoices to check the apparent legality of electronic products and wines illegally brought into the country.

Between 2017 and 2019, the investigation found that more than 11,000 invoices were issued, totaling more than 24 million reais.

After arriving in Brazil, the products were offered for sale over the internet. To make the delivery, the group used post offices in the extreme west region of Santa Catarina, using the name of third parties, so as not to draw attention to the group’s leaders.

Targets of the operation, the suspects may face up to 12 years in prison, if convicted of the crime of embezzlement, criminal association and use of false documents.

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