Póvoa de Sobrinhos welcomes Saramago with ‘O Conto da Ilha Desconhecida’, this Saturday


The fourth edition of Os Passeios pela Literatura brings theater performances, created from names of literature, as is the case of The Tale of the Unknown Islandby José Saramago, who will be, on the 24th of September, Saturday, at Largo de São Frutuoso, Póvoa de Sobrinhos, Rio de Loba.

Following the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of the Nobel Prize in literature, on November 16, the Off group brings to the stage a tale «full of color, movement and dream, paying tribute to this enormous figure of literature», explains the organization.

The show will start at 9:30 pm, with a duration of 60 minutes. It is recommended for an audience over six years of age.

This show was created from the tale of Saramago, which revolves around a man who goes to the king to ask him to give him a boat. Upon arriving at the castle, he notices that there are two doors: one of them is the gift door, where the monarch spends most of his time receiving gifts from his subjects. The other is the petitions door, where the king practically does not appear and there is a very bureaucratic process to ask for something there. But that day, the man was determined and demanded that the king receive him so that he could make his request. When asked about his reasons for wanting to have a boat, he replies that he wants to find the unknown island. However, the man knew that, according to geographers, there were no more undiscovered islands, as all of them would have already been found by someone. Even so, he believes he can discover a new one. Everything seems to be against that dreamy man: the king did not seem willing to give him a boat, the sailors would not accept to participate in this enterprise, the sea was agitated and the king’s geographers tried, in any way, to convince him that the adventure would be in vain, for he could not find an island that had not yet been discovered. The story shows us the protagonist’s search for the unknown island about which he knew absolutely nothing (after all, if he knew something, the island would already be known!). In the end, he manages to find the island, in the place where he least expected it.

«The adaptation of Saramago’s text for theater was conceptual, starting from the idea of ​​transforming the story into a seven-voice dialogue that gains strength through physicality. Thus, it is intended to recreate a visual imagery where the movements gain great meaning and where the scenic props are metaphors of intentions», is also described by the organization.

CREATION: Florbela de Sá Cunha

INTERPRETATION: Ana Raquel Romão; André Ferreira; Daniela Sofia; Francisco Poppe; Gabriela Coutinho; Daisy Quintal; Patrick Figueiredo; Rafael Lopes

SONG: Sara Costeira


PRODUCTION SUPPORT: Samuel Almeida and Carlos Cruchinho

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