Rafa Kalimann visits the MT Pantanal and the jaguar is named after him


The digital influencer and former BBB, Rafa Kalimann, visited the Pantanal lands of Mato Grosso this Sunday (16). The trip could be followed on social media, where Rafa posted the emotion of the boat rides and the expectation for the encounter with jaguars, one of which, new to the region, was named after the influencer.

Rafa Kalimann visited the Pantanal in Mato Grosso and shared the trip on social media. (Photo: Reproduction).

Along with a team of guides and members of the non-profit institution SOS PantanalKalimann spent about 4 hours on the boat watching the jaguars on the riverbank, in the region of Porto Jofre, in the municipality of Poconé, 104 km from cuiabá.

The contemplation could be done following a catalog with the names, photos and characteristics of each one of the felines, which is mainly used in scientific studies to understand the behavior and ways to protect these animals in the Pantanal.

Rafa Kalimann in the Pantanal of mt 2
The observation of the jaguars and the catalog of the felines were shared on Kalimann’s social networks. (Photo: Reproduction).

Kalimann, the new jaguar of MT

During the tour, the influencer, who is also godmother and has supported the work of the Brigadas Pantaneiras in recent years, was surprised by the news that a new jaguar, observed in the region of Parque Encontro das Águas, between the municipalities of poconé and Baron of Melgaçowould earn his surname as a tribute!

SOS Pantanal explains that when a new jaguar is spotted in the region, the first person to photograph it has the right to choose the animal’s name. That’s why photographer Henrique Olsen named the feline Kalimann.

Kalimann, the new jaguar cataloged in the northern Pantanal, will be accompanied by SOS Pantanal. (Photo: Henrique Olsen).

During the visit, Rafa still managed to catch a nap of a capybara surrounded by alligators and a group of giant otters sunbathing.

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