Samsung RE+: electronics and electronics recycling program grew 190% in 2022


According to Samsung, the growth was recorded in the first half of this year with a 190% growth in the number of home appliances and electronics collected by the program compared to the same period in 2021.

The Re+ program was launched in 2017 by Samsung with the aim of sending electronics and appliances for proper disposal in recycling plants, thus reducing environmental pollution caused by these components.

It is important to mention that the program is not limited to Samsung home appliances and electronics, collecting parts, cell phones, accessories, refrigerators, TVs and other discarded products throughout Brazil, which then go through processes of sorting, disassembly, shredding and component separation.

The Samsung Recycling Program integrates the company’s commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility. Currently, the program has hundreds of collection points in stores and technical assistance, intended for receiving batteries, batteries, accessories, cell phones, tablets and post-consumer notebooks of any brand. Other products are also collected by the company, offering the consumer the opportunity to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact by carrying out the proper and safe disposal of electronic waste.

Samsung also remembers that it is possible to schedule the disposal of large appliances and electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines and televisions so that the user does not have to take them to a collection point. This facilitates the logistics of these products. Scheduling can be done via WhatsApp, Live Chat or email on the program’s official website via the link below:

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