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The new Hyundai HB20S, which was presented in July along with the hatch, can be booked on the automaker’s website. Dealers will receive it later this month. The front has been changed, with the new front grille, bumper, headlights and hood, while the rear lights are new, now larger and integrated throughout the trunk lid, and the bumper. has been repackaged.


General Motors plant in Gravataí, RS, completed 22 years of operation, with more than 4 million vehicles produced. The unit’s total production capacity is 330,000 l cars/year, and it is possible to reach 63 vehicles/hour. A success!


From January to July, the production of the segment registered 85,000 units, a 5% decrease in comparison with the same period last year. There was an increase of 1 percentage point in the retraction, which was 4% in the 1st semester. Production in July: 12,700 units.

Fiat revealed the first image of the Fastback, an SUV that will hit the market by the end of the year. The silhouette shows an elongated hood and the rear raised near the trunk, in addition to flashlights and headlights. It is a project of the Stellantis Design Center South America and promises to be a protagonist in the performance of the brand in the national market.

ANFAVEA: Projections of the entity for 2022

In 2020, the Brazilian automotive sector had a demand crisis caused by the coronavirus. In 2021, a supply crisis caused by the lack of “chips” (electronic items), one of the consequences of the pandemic. To make this year’s projections, ANFAVEA’s challenge was to dose the combination of these two factors. There will be an impact from the global chip crisis, but to a lesser extent than in 2021, with an improvement bias this semester. On the other hand, the pent-up demand for cars can be driven away by the economic and political environment in an election year. But there is good news from agribusiness and infrastructure investments. Anfavea is optimistic about the forecasts for the development of the industry this year. Production: up 9.4% (2.46 million units); domestic sales, up 8.5% (2.3 million cars) and exports, up 3.6% (390 thousand units).


In the first half of August, adding up the volumes up to the 15th, just over 84,500 cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses were sold in Brazil, according to preliminary data from Renavan obtained by the AutoData Agency. Result exceeded by 2.5% the volume of the 1st half of July and left retailers excited with a possible surpassing, for the 1st time in the year, 200,000 units.


Renault included in the Duster portfolio the new “version” 5-speed manual gearbox, which takes the place of the manual Zen and Automatic Zen, which were entry-level and will no longer be offered. Thus, the cheapest version of the Duster costs R$ 109,400, being the only one with manual transmission. Win the market.


Would the electric car fleet increase energy consumption in Brazil? From 2% to 3%, 2nd study commissioned by GM, based on around 5.5 million EVs running on Brazilian streets and roads in 2035, which would happen if the country follows the global trend of technology adoption. Four out of 5 users usually charge their vehicles at home at night.


Audi launched its 1st plug-in hybrid car in Brazil, the new Q5 TFSIe Quattro, which comes in SUV and SUV coupé versions: limited to 300 units. The hybrid set is formed by the 2.0 TFSI engine with 252 hp and an electric motor with 143 hp, which together generate a power of 367 hp. Battery positioned below the trunk floor.

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