Semad informs the bidding schedule…

Divinópolis City Hall, through the Municipal Administration, Budget, Information, Science and Technology (Semad), informs the municipal administration’s bid agenda, which will take place from August 8th to 12th.

This Monday (8/8), at 9 am, the Bidding Process (PL) 284/2021, Unenforceability nº 14/2021 took place, accreditation for the permission to use public space in the Administrative Center of the city for commercial exploitation food and beverages in the Food Truck modality.

In the afternoon, there will be two processes: at 2 pm, PL 225/2022 Electronic Auction nº 116/2022 to hire a company to provide 24-hour remote access control service (electronic concierge), with integrated technology for all accesses of the City Hall Administrative Center.

At 3:00 pm, PL 075/2022, Public Tender No. 003/2022, which seeks to hire a company to supply and install an Approach Trajectory Precision Indicator (Papi) and vertical light signaling, adaptation of the beacon to move the threshold 17 and renovation and adaptation of the horizontal signaling of the landing and take-off runway, taxiways and aircraft aprons at the city’s Airport.

Tomorrow (9/8), at 9 am, two bidding processes will take place. PL 239/2022, Electronic Auction No. 121/2022, with the objective of recording prices for future and eventual acquisitions of various medicines and others to serve patients in Divinópolis covered by court orders.

And also PL 211/2022, Electronic Auction nº 104/2022, for hiring a company to provide specialized services for toner cartridge refills and maintenance of HP Laserjet P 1005 printers of the basic social protection programs of the Municipal Assistance Department Social (Semas).

On Wednesday (10/8), at 9 am, the PL 219/2022, Electronic Auction nº 110/2022 will take place, with the purpose of registering prices for the daily supply of bakery items to attend social programs, events, maintenance of various administrative sectors of the various municipal secretariats.

Continuing in the middle of the week, at 2 pm, there will be PL 221/2022, Electronic Auction nº 112/2022 to register prices for hiring companies specialized in providing transport services with buses, minibuses and vans to meet the demands of the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Youth (Semej).

On Thursday (11/8), during the morning there will be three bidding processes. At 9 am, PL 220/2022, Electronic Auction nº 111/2022, for the acquisition of consumables and permanent materials for structuring the network of special social protection services (Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional – Apae).

At the same time, the PL 235/2022, Price Socket No. 023/2022, will also take place, which seeks to hire a company specialized in civil works, with the supply of materials, equipment and qualified labor for the renovation of the City Hall’s own property, located Rua Antônio Cezário de Azevedo, nº 778, in the Bom Pastor neighborhood.

At 9:30 am, PL 242/2022, Electronic Auction No. 123/2022 will succeed, with the aim of hiring a company to provide a continuous service for the transport of patients undergoing renal treatment through the Sus in the municipality.

To end the week, on Friday (12/8), at 9 am, two bidding processes will take place. PL 223/2022, Electronic Auction No. 114/2022, which will record prices for future and eventual purchases of foodstuffs to meet the basic social protection services of the basic social protection of Semas (Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance).

And PL 233/2022 Electronic Auction No. 120/2022 – Bidding Portal No. 952293, which aims to record prices for future and eventual acquisitions of various medical-hospital materials to serve public health services.

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