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The luxurious centenary mansion in Estoril that has been transformed into a charming hotel

It opened in August and transports guests to a different time. She will feel like one of the characters in “The Great Gatsby”.

The house was built over 100 years ago.

It is on top of a cliff and overlooking the sea. It is in this privileged location that the new Estoril Vintage Hotel, which gave new life to a secular mansion, full of stories and tradition. Facing the bay of Cascais, the new luxury hotel in the country opened on August 1st and is already on the bucket list of everyone who dreams of being in an environment similar to that described in “The Great Gatsby”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald , a classic of American literature, published in 1925.

Managed by Amazing Evolution, the new hotel arises from the transformation of a secular family house, built in 1917 by the visionary businessman Alfredo da Silva, linked to the industrial development of the country and which gives its name to the street where the property is located. With a Baroque style and features of classical and erudite architecture, the project was designed by the architect and painter Tertuliano Marques, author of magnificent Portuguese constructions and awarded a Valmor prize in 1921.

Full of history, memories and tradition, the mansion belongs to the Líbano Monteiro family, who decided to give this historic building a new lease of life. ”I have known the house for many years. It was a family house where seven people lived, then there were just two. It became too big and the idea of ​​transforming it into a charming hotel came up. The owner asked me what I thought of the idea and immediately said that it would be a winning bet”, explains to NiT Margarida Almeida, general director of Amazing Evolution.

As it is a secular building, which recently celebrated 100 years since its construction, the transformation sought to preserve as much as possible the history and architecture of the mansion that, in the past, was visited by “families of high society in Lisbon”. The interior design project was in charge of Graça Viterbo, who ensured the maintenance of the architectural and cultural identity of the property.

“The building was the subject of restoration and recovery works, the centenary characteristic of the house was not lost, but now it has the comfort and facilities that everyone looks for in a hotel. The furniture, also centenary, was kept here. Upon entering, you can feel what these elegant environments were like and you can easily imagine the gatherings and intrigues of the time.. It is a magical place that is closely linked to the memory of past times”, highlights Margarida.

The great charm of the Estoril Vintage Hotel is precisely the fact that it offers each guest a journey into the past, going back to the beginning of the 20th century. Located on Avenida da Marginal, as it is on top of a cliff, the noise of cars and the train is almost imperceptible. The same cannot be said of the view over the bay of Cascais: “Whatever the time, the landscape is always very beautiful. Each time of day has its beauty, because the scenery changes”.

The hotel has 18 rooms, with generous areas and an updated period decoration., different in each of the accommodations. There are three different types: double rooms, attics and suites. The rooms, which are on the lower floor, overlook the garden. The rest all have an incredible view of the sea.

The Master Suite occupies the top floor of the building and every detail has been thought out in detail. It has a living room embraced by an imposing boiserie, a fireplace and a bright and elegantly decorated bedroom. Along the space runs a balcony with outdoor chairs, where guests are facing the sea.

“Despite being a small project, it still has a gym and a wellness area, with a hairdressing space, exactly to fulfill the requirements of the concept. 100 years ago, all hotels had a hairdresser”, underlines the managing director of Amazing Evolution. The hotel’s main objective is to be a differentiating project, capable of “transporting people to the imaginaries of yesteryear”.

Amenities also include a Turkish bath, sauna, massage room, a huge meeting room and a restaurant, the latter of which is open to the public. The bar, decorated with original frescoes, signed by the famous painter João Reis, “seems designed to take five o’clock tea to another level, a daily ritual offered to all guests”. Outside, there is an incredible swimming pool, with a bar.

In addition to the common areas, this secular house has numerous services: an exclusive spot on Praia das Moitas for all guests, with bar service, which works as an extension of the hotel; private driver (upon request); cultural tours around Lisbon; tours around Sintra; tastings of national wines and of the hotel’s own production of olive oils; and historical and artistic itineraries.

With the beaches of Estoril close by, you don’t have to walk far to get there. The hotel works with several partners and offers irresistible invitations to guests who can practice surfing, go boating, play tennis or golf, or go horse riding.

In this first phase, prices for the stay start at €370 and can reach €650 per night. Then click on the gallery to get to know the Estoril Vintage Hotel better.

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