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Trust Bayo

For those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, having an ergonomic setup is certainly important. This can help alleviate some of the pain that can occur from prolonged computer use, while also helping to maintain productivity.

This Trust offering focuses on just that. O Trust Bayo Wireless Ergonomic Mouse it is a mouse focused for those who want to avoid the traditional pains of using conventional mice.

This mouse is recommended, above all, for users who have problems with the wrist or hand, namely problems associated with the repetition of movements, or for those who want a more comfortable way of working for long periods of time – and without spending a lot to do so. .

> unboxing

The box the Trust Bayo is in is quite simple, but it features the same in detail with a front image, along with the Trust’s color theme – in red and white. It is also possible to check the existence of the small RGB LED strip on the side of the box.

trust bayo box

The box also presents the traditional features of the model and some of its features, as you would expect. Inside, we find the mouse, along with a USB cable and the instruction manual.

inside the trust bayo box

> Design and Specifications

At first glance, anyone who has never had an ergonomic mouse in front of them may be surprised by its shape. Unlike traditional mice, this one has a more elongated body, made precisely for the user to grab it instead of just being laid on by the hand.

trust bayo structure

The structure has an elongated body and an angle of 45º, which allows the hand to maintain a natural position – and which will be the main advantage over traditional mice.

Trust Bayo has an optical sensor that can reach 2400 DPI, however, users can configure between different formats: 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400 dpi. Although this sensor is more than enough for use at home or in the office, the 2400 dpi may be something far from the needs of gamers. However, the main focus of the same will certainly not be this audience.

trust bayo buttons

The structure has six buttons, which have their own functionality: right and left click button, forward and rewind button, a central wheel/click, DPI button and the mouse/RGB on and off button.

bottom of the trust bayo

The connection with the computer is made wirelessly at 2.4GHz, with the help of a USB-A receiver located at the bottom of the mouse – well stored to avoid losses. This is supported on virtually all operating systems, without the need for additional drivers – our test was carried out on Windows 11 and the installation took just a few seconds.

trust bayo led strip

The mouse also has a small LED lighting, which gives it a more “gaming” look – obviously, at the cost of a little more battery. Fortunately, users can choose to turn on the mouse with LED mode on or off, so it’s up to each one.

Inside it is still a battery, which according to Trust will be 400 mAh. Charging can be done via the USB-C port located on the structure. When the mouse is not in use, it goes into stand-by mode, where the sensor and RGB are turned off.

> Daily use

The focus of this mouse will be ergonomics, so we have to answer the question of how it is actually used. As seen in the design, the structure is vertical with a small 45º curvature, where the user’s hand should “grab” it in a more natural position.

Something users should notice from the very first minute is that Trust Bayo is extremely light and simple to use. The movements are fluid and it is possible to use it without having to walk up from the mouse pad.

Even though it is ergonomic, which allows it to have a better grip on the hand, the structure is somewhat smooth, which can end up being a problem for those who sweat from their hands regularly. Still, we didn’t see any problems even in the most intensive uses throughout the day.

Another point to bear in mind is that Trust Bayo may not adapt to all types of hands. For those with medium or small hands, the structure adapts perfectly to the location of the buttons and fingers. However, for those with larger hands or longer fingers, it may not be as comfortable to wear.

hand on mouse

trust bayo buttons

Also keep in mind the buttons on the sides of the structure (forward and backward) that may not be quickly accessible for those with bigger hands. The little finger also has a tendency to scratch over the mouse pad at the bottom.

finger shave bottom

A curiosity is that, although there is no clear indication on the manual, the LED can also serve to indicate the DPI that is configured on the mouse. When pressing the center button to control DPI, the LED will blink depending on the setting: once for 800 dpi, twice for 1200 dpi, three times for 1600 dpi, four times for 2000 dpi and five times for 2400 dpi.

The mouse can also be used while charging. It shows a blue LED when in this mode, but you can still use it like a traditional mouse – although you still have to keep the receiver connected to the system.

Interestingly, this information is not found in the manual or in the sources that we have verified on the Trust website, which can be something important to take into account when configuring it.

> Summary

That’s basically all that can be said about Trust Bayo: a mouse for those who spend long periods of time in front of the computer or have a problem with using traditional mice, which provides what you expect and at a good price.

trust bayo mouse

There’s no denying that its ergonomics are very important, and it’s clear that the Bayo lives up to expectations. It has a focus for use more in the office or in home format, for Office and Internet applications. We do not recommend it for games or jobs where the need for precision is important – such as CAD or drafting work.

As a negative point, there is the issue of the structure being adapted only for use with the right hand. There is currently no version of Bayo for lefties. There is also no configuration software, either for the RGB or for the side buttons. It would be interesting to be able to change the RGB configuration or the actions that can be performed with the existing buttons in the structure, in addition to the “standard”.

If you are thinking of buying this model, we recommend that you test it to see if your hands fit the structure. However, for everything else it is certainly a recommended choice.

final evaluation

Interested parties may purchase Trust Bayo from Amazon from Spain.

TugaTech thanks Trust for providing the test material for this article.

The review was carried out independently by TugaTech.

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