VISÃO Archive: What was the Algarve like in the 60s? Postcards and vivid memories of the best-known summer resort, long before mass tourism and urban encroachment


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The memories are endless: there were the boat trips, the long days spent outdoors, the bonfires on the beach, the summer courtships, the football games in sand play mode… Of course, as in all descriptions of the genre. “Paradise on Earth”, in the memories loaded with nostalgia, the sensations of a lost youth. Therefore, these statements can be clouded with a certain unreality. As John Ford would say: when the legend becomes fact, print the legend. “I don’t have the courage to go back to the Vau. The last time I saw him was by satellite, on Google Earth.”confessed, by the way, Jorge Horta, one of the interviewees of Rosa Ruela, in the report he wrote, with the collaboration of Inês Belo, in the edition of VISÃO of July 19, 2017 and that we remember here today.
Once upon a time in the Algarve… goes in search of those memories of the 60’s (and 40’s and 50’s too), putting in confrontation some photographs of what was the best known tourist region in the countrypre-mass tourism and concreting of the coast. “It was an elite, yes, sir, a certain Portugal before the 25th of April, which disappeared and only survives in the memory of a few happy few. But it was an elite whose parents chose to make the very hard journey by car towards the South, including the 365 curves followed by the Serra do Caldeirão, at a time when beach holidays were between Estoril, Caparica, São Martinho do Porto and little more.” As important as the text we publish are the postcards from some of the beaches and locations in the Algarve, the result of excellent research by Luís Barra, a photojournalist for VISÃO. Believe me, dear reader, vacationer in the Algarves these days or not, that it is really worth going through, in the initial pages of the report, the images of the Praia da Rocha, Armação de Pera, Albufeira, Alvor, Quarteira and Monte Gordo. Tell me how it went…

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