With high prices on supermarket shelves, potiguares buy food online – 08/04/2022 – News


The increase in food prices has led many Brazilians to change their consumption habits. Whether changing the types and brands of products that go into carts or looking for alternative promotions to save money. From January to May 2022, the basic food basket was 9.10% more expensive in Natal, according to Procon data, costing about R$415.94. An increase, which was not accompanied by the salary of the population.


Buying from home is an alternative increasingly chosen by the population

Keeping an eye on market trends, Pincei (www.pincei.com.br), a startup from the state of Rio Grande do Sul that seeks the best prices for customers, on the most diverse products, in online stores in Brazil, started to focus on non-perishable food promotions. “Currently, the largest websites in the country work with the sale of food, whether they are snacks, sweets, condiments, even the main products of the basic basket, such as rice, beans, pasta, and they offer these products at cheaper prices, free shipping and all the convenience and security for the customer to receive at home”, reported Glenn Cunha, CEO of Pincei.

Renata Rocha is an example, a technical delivery person, she found in online shopping on large sites the possibility of saving on household expenses. “The websites that I used to buy furniture, appliances and electronics now also offer this possibility. So, when I make my shopping list for the month, I always look to see if there are products such as milk, chocolate, snacks and seasonings on sale,” she explains. “It was a way I found of not having to change the products and brands that I was already consuming, as they often still have prices that are worth it on the internet,” added Renata.

The propensity for the consumer to discover the practicality of “doing the fair” via the internet was already predicted by experts, but the pandemic accelerated this process. What was predicted to happen in a few years, became reality in a few months. Safety, convenience, fuel economy, free shipping and good discounts are convincing consumers to adhere to this new style of consumption.

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