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Located on the Arabian Peninsula and bordering Saudi Arabia, Qatar (Qatar) is the country that will host this year’s World Cup; the country has an average of two million inhabitants, and is the first place in the Middle East to host the event, in addition to being a model in modernity and infrastructure. However, it is worth remembering that this is an Islamic country, with habits that differ from those of the West, so the consumption of alcoholic beverages, public displays of affection, among others, must be measured.

Still, the authorities agreed to ease the requirements during the World Cup, but continue to demand respect for the local culture. Of the many places for knowledge, Doha, the capital, appears as one of the most important cities; the city is seen as one of the most exciting destinations in the Middle East.

The country is investing in luxury attractions that can be compared to the United Arab Emirates, with the ambition of becoming a recognized cultural and technological center. Therefore, for those who intend to visit the country’s capital, it is worth researching to prepare a tourist itinerary that includes the best attractions of the city.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is known as the cultural and social epicenter of Qatar, and it is a market where goods were exchanged between Bedouins, sheep and goats, and wool was exchanged for essentials. The place is a space of coexistence between past, present and future, so this market has a history that is valued through the precariousness of the street market, in view of shopping malls and others. In 2003, after a fire, the government drew up a plan to rebuild the market, restoring historic buildings and keeping the memory of the place alive.

Museum of Islamic Art
After visiting the Souq Waqif, you can also visit the Museum of Islamic Art, which is a museum designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei, also known for designing the Louvre Pyramid in Paris. The architect traveled the world with the intention of creating his masterpiece; to do so, he studied Islamic art and designed the museum. The ornamentation of the place is geometric and symmetrical, with meticulous detailing that has been improved over the years, through the exact sciences. The museum is the heart of Islamic art, given the phases of the culture.

Mia Park
For those who prefer outdoor walks, Mia Park is a valid indication, as the park has a vast lawn, playground for children, bicycles available for rent and green space that even allows for a view of the skyline. In addition, there is the possibility of carrying out the route from the museum to the park, using golf carts.

The seaside promenade in Doha is also a good option, as it connects the ends, reconciling past and future, where at one end is the National Museum of Qatar and at the other end, the West Bay, with its modern tone that includes Skyline. It is also possible to take a boat trip in the late afternoon, taking advantage of the local coast, these being the traditional dhows – small boats previously used for pearl harvesting.

To get to know these destinations, it is important to carry out prior planning to experience the experience of getting to know another culture and another country more peacefully, and there are options such as carrying out a loanwhich will bring financial comfort, in addition to offering more viable long-term payment options, installments that fit in your pocket, among other benefits.

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